Sunday, May 2, 2010


Remember this date well because if you do not vote, and activate others to do so, you will be relegated to the scrap heap that was once called AMERICA, LAND OF THE FREE. We are fast running out of time to return to God's moral compass for our lives, and fidelity to our scared document the constitution for our country. All the writing and speech making is nearly done, time for action is at hand. What is it going to take for you to be a patriot and lead us back to the America intended for us by our forefathers. Will it be:

The massive increase in the federal government; and the commensurate increase in its regulation of our daily lives; health care obmanation; massively increased taxes; cap and tax; card check; amnesty for illegals; Puerto Rican statehood; Washington DC representation in the federal government; the loss of sovereignty to the UN; 1st, 2nd and 10th amendment degradation; Interpol in our daily lives; presidential apology tours for our greatness and strength; quotes from the president like: "the US is not a Christian nation"; attack on traditional marriage; gays rights taught in our schools when prayer and bible reading is banned; weakened military; one world order; government take over or bail outs of insurance, health care, automobile, banking, and energy industries; Tarp forever; anti-capitalism; anti free market solutions to economic troubles; redistribution of wealth; czars; Marxism; Maoists in our government; socialism; leftest brands of racism; Alinsky; union sovereignty over the general public; more government employees that in the private sector; spending madness; just print more money with no regard to is calamitous result; borrowing irresponsibly; court determined legislation; radical judges; acorn and SEIU as government sponsored assistants; congressional unconstitutional misconduct; bypassing the constitution; anti-constitutionalists; nanny state dependence; entitlements; government created economic slavery; Muslim free passes; distortion and outright lies; soft on terrorism; remember promises of: " no earmarks, no lobbyists, complete transparency".

What's it going to take America to wake up before there is no America left and no one to blame but YOU?

Talk with you again soon after our victory for God, country, and family, this Tuesday in the Indiana primary. Remember "ONE NATION UNDER GOD".

Sincerely, the 912 patriot

Sunday, March 21, 2010


America we have reached a point where the outcome of the tyrannical health care bill is in THE HANDS OF GOD. Today, Sunday, HIS Day, we pray to HIM to grant us the sovereignty and freedoms only HE controls, not the government. We pray that our GOD will move his mighty hand against the tyranny that confronts us. Get on your knees America, and ask the only true KING, our GOD ALMIGHTY, for his blessings and mercy.

In any event, we must never, never, never give up, and always be soldiers of JESUS CHRIST, like our founders, in our cause for HIM and our beloved America. We are fighting for the soul of this country, and that is a fight we must carry on in victory or defeat. We do this for ourselves, our family, our country, and most of all in honor to GOD himself.

God Bless you All, God Bless America, talk with you again soon, Sincerely, 912 Patriot

Saturday, March 13, 2010


How does one know the difference between hot and cold? We were all taught, educated, the truth, by our parents, loved ones, and educators; constantly and consistently the same message was reinforced through our childhood formative years. Without that knowledge and truth, how would we know the difference? Trial and error could lead to serious injury or even death.

So too must we educate, and be educated, ourselves, through out our lives, so we can recognize the truth. The evil and tyranny that besieges us today from the terrorists, progressives ,socialists ,communists, globalists, revisionists, modernists, would never take hold if we were, and are now, properly educated by our church, family and schools. God and the constitution would not be threatened now as they are, if we KNEW enough to see the TRUTH through the LIES.

How can many of us see what were losing, if we don't know what we have- God's Word of truth and the sacred liberties and principles in the constitution. When talking to many people I am alarmed beyond description how many are not outraged, in fact how many do not know enough to be outraged. All of us who were privileged to receive the proper education, and further seek to know more of the truth, must spread the word. Start at your dinner table, your family, your church, workplace, circle of social influence, your local board of education.

YOU must take charge. If not you, then who will? Educate yourself, and help in the education of others, before the LIES consume the beauty that is America.

Talk to you again soon, 912 Patriot

Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Party of NO...YES!!!!!

Growing up I was blessed to have a tight knit family with deep seeded Christian and American morals. My Grandfathers were strict, but fair disciplinarians, that taught us clear lessons and conservative philosophies, including God, family and country. My Grandpa John particularly, was known as, affectionately of course, Grandpa No.

No to spending money on wants not needs; No to bad spending/saving habits; No to bad health practices; No to handouts or free rides; No to lies, cheating, or stealing; No to disrespect for superiors; No for talking out of turn; No to bad manners; No to tyranny and attacks on America and Americans, or our freedoms; No to evil and the devil's temptation. No, No, No, No, No to thousands of bad things for us all. Our family, one and all, revere him as a hero then and today, buy any measure. Grandpa No.

So when some label conservatives or conservative republicans as the "party of No", maybe it is just simply because they are fighting against the things Grandpa John fought against his whole life. I'd be proud to be "the party of No", when God's moral compass, and fidelity to our founding principles and sacred constitution, are being ignored!

Good old Grandpa No, God Bless your soul; maybe you too had his friend(s) in your family-heroes just like him! Lets find more of his friends to stand up and add to the list of Heroes, we need them all right now today!! Maybe it can be you.

Talk with you again soon, 912 Patriot

Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Church's Responsibility

We cannot ever be again "One Nation Under God" without the church, and it's ministers/pastors/priests, living up to their responsibility to teach the WORD OF TRUTH to their flock. Avoiding the decay in our God given rights, and the diminishing of His principles influence, by the humanist/progressive onslaught, is their mission! There is no freedom without God, and his only begotten son Jesus Christ, in our country, or anywhere else. Our Biblical foundations must be restored. This is the root problem for America. Sadly, the church has not recognized that America's difficulties lie in a lack of spirituality, and her Christianity-as our moral compass-is in regression. The church, and its ministers/pastors/priests must LEAD the way back!!!

The president himself, as a point person for the humanist, progressive, socialist, one world direction, does not wish to recognize the truth of history and The Word. Their vision is a change from God's Word to man's word. Our founding fathers were dominantly Christian, and the nation's moral view was built accordingly.

Consistent reminders in our nations formation, development, and history, show our Christian heritage and culture: Ten commandments displayed in our public places, inscriptions of God's place in our society on government buildings, crosses and other Christian symbols abound in public arena, prayer in schools, the teaching of creation and Bible reading in government schools and institutions are among many important reminders. These were all meant to be reminders for future generations of our Christian heritage. Abortion and gay marriage were illegal.

The erosion has history too: 1962 school prayer was ruled unconstitutional, 1963 Bible reading in school also ruled unconstitutional, 1973 (Rowe vs Wade) abortion legalized, 1985 Nativity scenes were ruled to violate separation between church and state.Today the attacks are too numerous to mention here. This transformation away from our roots has occurred in government, our schools, in ourselves, and has been facilitated by the lack of the Church and its members to fight this attack. Many in the church, including those in authority, have succumbed to the erroneous thought that the Bible, Christianity and our symbols, are a perversion of our First Amendment rights or violate separation between Church and state. This notion, and accompanying neutrality by Christians and their Church leaders is WRONG. You are either FOR or AGAINST CHRIST. Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord (Psalm 33:12)

Help awaken your church to its responsibility. We must do this, or lose our soul as Christians and a sovereign American nation.

Talk to you again soon. 912 Patriot.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

My blog title describes my cause. I have been a believer in God and his son, my savior, Jesus Christ all my life. As a second generation American, my grandfathers, have taught me well their heritage, but most importantly, they taught me the reasons they came to this country, received by Lady Liberty, choosing to live free, and form their family's future here.

With great detail and passion they outlined the history of their European homeland, and why, despite their great pride in that homeland, that America-the home of freedom-"One Nation Under God" was the only place for their future generations. It was a place where God's moral compass prevailed over the land and it's people, and the founding fathers free republic drew them here like the most powerful magnet. "God, family, and country my son, live these, teach them to your children, your childrens children, and never let those things go". America, they said, was worth our loyalty, our allegiance, and our blood when ever necessary. Do not take her God given blessings for granted-ever. They had seen in their former land the tyranny of oppression, and the results from the loss of individual freedom. They came here to insure that their children, me, and our future generations would be free of the scourge of totalitarianism, socialism, income and resource redistribution, and suppression of a persons basic rights to the fruits of their own labor. I was an American patriot born and bred.

Through my own lack of attention to the promise I made my grandfathers, over the years I have watched America slip backward toward the land they fled. I allowed it to happen through non engagement in our political process. Our founders framed our system to be a participatory government "of the people, by the people, and for the people". Now our future is under serious deadly attack from the outside and from within. I thank God I, and millions like me, have awakened to our promise to God and to Lady Liberty, and our founders, to keep America free, God's word in our lives, and in our country's sacred document; the constitution.

Grandpa fought in the US army in WWI, even though here in America for only a very short time. He and his patriots left a great nation to my father and the world. My father fought in WWII with the US Marine Corps and proudly left a great country to me. Now the mantle falls to me, now a father and granfather myself, and my generation, to fight for it again, in just as grave a battle as theirs. The victors in this battle will determine the fate of the world. Only patriots fighting for "One Nation Under God' will determine the winner.

Talk to you soon here again. God Bless America. Sincerely 912 Patriot