Sunday, May 2, 2010


Remember this date well because if you do not vote, and activate others to do so, you will be relegated to the scrap heap that was once called AMERICA, LAND OF THE FREE. We are fast running out of time to return to God's moral compass for our lives, and fidelity to our scared document the constitution for our country. All the writing and speech making is nearly done, time for action is at hand. What is it going to take for you to be a patriot and lead us back to the America intended for us by our forefathers. Will it be:

The massive increase in the federal government; and the commensurate increase in its regulation of our daily lives; health care obmanation; massively increased taxes; cap and tax; card check; amnesty for illegals; Puerto Rican statehood; Washington DC representation in the federal government; the loss of sovereignty to the UN; 1st, 2nd and 10th amendment degradation; Interpol in our daily lives; presidential apology tours for our greatness and strength; quotes from the president like: "the US is not a Christian nation"; attack on traditional marriage; gays rights taught in our schools when prayer and bible reading is banned; weakened military; one world order; government take over or bail outs of insurance, health care, automobile, banking, and energy industries; Tarp forever; anti-capitalism; anti free market solutions to economic troubles; redistribution of wealth; czars; Marxism; Maoists in our government; socialism; leftest brands of racism; Alinsky; union sovereignty over the general public; more government employees that in the private sector; spending madness; just print more money with no regard to is calamitous result; borrowing irresponsibly; court determined legislation; radical judges; acorn and SEIU as government sponsored assistants; congressional unconstitutional misconduct; bypassing the constitution; anti-constitutionalists; nanny state dependence; entitlements; government created economic slavery; Muslim free passes; distortion and outright lies; soft on terrorism; remember promises of: " no earmarks, no lobbyists, complete transparency".

What's it going to take America to wake up before there is no America left and no one to blame but YOU?

Talk with you again soon after our victory for God, country, and family, this Tuesday in the Indiana primary. Remember "ONE NATION UNDER GOD".

Sincerely, the 912 patriot